Rural Business Weekly News 01/10/09


Here are a few interesting blogs and online articles published this week that relate to Rural Business, ending January 10, 2009:

Who isn’t interested in figuring out ways to cut costs this year? How about 100 resources for cost cutting ideas? ( link no longer valid). Here’s a list of 100 blogs that help small businesses examine their annual expenses and identify areas to save money.

And after taking a look at cutting costs, how about giving some attention to increasing your income? You can increase the marketing ‘reach’ and income potential of your small business using no-cost methods like online marketing and social media. Take a look at these six steps.

How can communities respond when their favorite small businesses begin to struggle financially? As this ABC News report discusses, our interdependence with our neighboring businesses can send a ripple through the economy.

Through it all we’re asking ourselves, ‘what can we do?’ What can we do to protect ourselves and re-build our communities? Here’s a list of ten resolutions for a more profitable 2009.